Interview: Maryann Makekau, founder of Because Hope Matters responds to the question…How do I tell my kids about this cancer diagnosis?

Years ago when Miss Marann’s best friend was diagnosed with cancer, Maryann was given the opportunity to support her friend in a unique way. This friend was a second grade teacher who was concerned about telling her class about her cancer. Her concern was the catalyst into authorship for Miss Maryann as she reached into her heart and experience to pour out a children’s book. In this interview she addresses the following questions and more: How and when do I tell the kids? How much do I say? What if I do not have answers to their questions? What can I say if the child asks if this will be fatal? What if I cry? How does the child’s age impact all of this? Maryann’s simple, real wisdom is a lifeline to those struggling with these concerns. She extends this pearl of wisdom, “Children need an anchor, the adults around them.”

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