Skin Cancer & Summer Fun

When summer arrives it lures us out to play under the sun. We slough off our winter layers, and migrate out of doors to basque in the bright warm days. People come alive as they enjoy sporting events, beaches, pools, biking, gardening, picnics and convertibles. If this is wrong, I do not want to be right! But as much as we love that happy life-giving ball of fire in the sky, it can also burn us. It can burn us today as our skin turns red and flinches in pain with every touch. But long after the burn heals, we can be burned again with skin cancer. In this blog, Lucy and Sharon explore the topic of skin cancer, pre-cancerous cells (which is a reality for one of these ladies) and how to safely enjoy the summer season. We hope you will take a few minutes today to lather up in a SPF 30 sunscreen, pour yourself a cool drink, sit outside and listen to the girls talk through this important topic!

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