Little River Band: Wayne Nelson

This interview was just fun! Mr. Wayne Nelson of the Little River Band granted Sharon & Lucy their very first video interview last fall at the National Women’s Survivor Convention. So today I (Sharon) am “Reminiscing” about the way he treated each of us like a “Lady,” seeming to know by instinct that I really needed him to “Take it Easy on Me.” Mr. Wayne and the band played for a bunch of women who were hungry to thrive as they danced and sang the night away in PAJAMAS. These guys were such awesome sports, donating their time and talents to these very excited ladies. With titles like “Lady,” Take it Easy on Me,” “It’s a Long Way There” and “Cool Change” it would seem that the band spoke the language of a survivor through music. As with most of us, cancer touched their lives and they wanted to do something for survivors. Thank you Mr. Wayne for being light and gracious! Enjoy guys!

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