Matthew Zachary & Geralyn Lucas: and the Young Survivor Perspective

Miss Geralyn Lucas is the author of the book “Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy” and was portrayed in the Lifetime movie of the same name. Mr. Matthew Zachary is the founder of (which is the largest patient advocate for millennials). These fun, articulate New Yorkers are amazing and relevant resource for those who were diagnosed as a young adult. They share portions of their cancer experiences, including fears, silly stories, the lack of information they both faced as well as the hard times. Miss Geralyn states “I want women to devote as much time and energy (to taking care of their health) as they do buying shoes and Brazilian bikini waxes.” “Chemo is an opportunity to have a party!” While Mr. Zachary encourages us to try to “Be authentic,” and “Remember to stay connected to things that have meaning in your life…remember that you have the right to survive with dignity and quality.”

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