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Ramblings from Sharon: Intro

In these short podcasts of about 3-6 minutes Sharon will “ramble” on the cancer experience. She will offer food for thought, commentary on current events, cancer stories, helpful hints, and thoughts that are bouncing through her mind. These often informal shorts will be laced with the wisdom gained through her cancer story as well as the wisdom passed down to her, voices from her daily life, southern flavor, and hopefully a few laughs.

Today Sharon will rambles on “Her.” Who are we talking about? Come listen & see…..

What not to say… to someone that has been diagnosed with cancer.

What the HECK do we say? It is hard because we want to say or do something that will make it better somehow. Lucy & Sharon want to take that heavy burden from your heart! Your friend does not expect you to arrive like some sort of oracle with wisdom or information to soothe them. They are not looking for you to make this better at all! They do need some time to process what is happening in their life and they need you to be present while they do that. So, you are going to visit to show your love and support…wonderful! Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, put your feelings on the back burner, and tune your ears to “listen.” Now, how to manage that anxious mouth so you do not end up with foot-in-mouth disease? Sit back and listen as Sharon & Lucy help you address that very issue.