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Breast Cancer License Plates & Georgia CORE: Angie Patterson

If you want to make a difference in the state of Georgia for women and families who are struggling through treatment for breast cancer in a simple and practical way, this podcast will give you the perfect opportunity to do just that!

And WHEW! Our interview with Miss Angie Patterson, Vice President of the Georgia CORE has taken a long time to process due to technical difficulties, but we are happy to present this wonderful interview now. She takes time out of her busy schedule to enlighten us on the Georgia CORE, especially as it relates to the Breast Cancer license plates which are found on so many cars across the state of Georgia. These plates are different than other specialty plates because the monies DO go to help women in Georgia who are struggling through breast cancer treatment. How? Well, take a few minutes to listen to this bright and down-to-earth woman as she fills us in!

Do Cold Caps Remedy Chemo Induced Hair Loss?

Hair loss is possibly the most globally dreaded side effect of chemo. Most often the first question out of a patient’s mouth when they hear they must undergo chemo therapy is, “Will I lose my hair?’ Cold caps to the rescue! These awkward and expensive devices come in like a knight in shining armor to save the day. Or do they? Life is not a fairy tale and there is rarely a blanket remedy for anything huge in our life that is a perfect fix. Cold caps are not for everyone, but the thought of retaining our locks throughout chemo compels us to entertain the idea. Grab a drink and sit with the Chemo Girls as they discuss what they have learned about cold caps.

National Survivors Day

How is it that the Chemo Girls have missed National Survivors Day? National Cancer Survivors Day┬« is a CELEBRATION for those who have survived, an INSPIRATION for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of SUPPORT for families, and an OUTREACH to the community. We are all about ALL of these ideas, especially survivorship! Take a moment to listen as Lucy and Sharon discuss this fantastic movement and how survivorship is a growing topic in the cancer world and in the rest of the world, too! Most of us believe that if a person is diagnosed with cancer, they go through treatment, and if they beat it, their life picks up again, unchanged. Not so much! How so? Well, let us tell ya…..

Constipation & Cancer Treatment

Tee hee hee, they said constipation. Yes, we said it and we know this is not a glamorous topic, but if you are going through cancer treatment, it is likely a painful reality for you. In this podcast Lucy and Sharon talk through the many possible reasons for constipation as well as several ideas to remedy this problem. So come get your giggle on as we all struggle through this awkward topic together!