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Alli Murray: Walking Through Her Mother’s Cancer Story as an 11 Year Old Girl

Sharon’s dear friend Allie Murray offers up her memory of what she felt as an 11 year old girl who learned that her mother had cancer, as an 12 year old girl who walked through the loss of her mother and now as a twenty something woman who has priceless adult perspective about the whole journey. She speaks to the parent who has been diagnosed, the parent who was not the one diagnosed, the child walking into their parent’s cancer story and everyone looking on hoping to help. The truth of her life speaks volumes as this chef positions herself as the Culinary Arts teacher at the local high school and as she comes alongside local kids who are facing their own parent’s diagnosis. Alli gives so many pearls of wisdom, it’s like a pearl necklace was broken and poured out for you guys!

Scott Hamilton: Olympic Hero & Cancer Survivor

Lucy and Sharon are so honored to have had the opportunity to interview one of the most decorated and well loved athletes of all times. During this interview, Scott Hamilton’s warm and passionate personality shines through. He spoke about frustrations he experienced before and during his treatment for testicular cancer in 2007 as Mr. Scott searched for helpful information about cancer treatment. These frustrations combined with his champion’s heart birthed projects that benefit those who are walking the same path after him. Mr. Scott is now a leader in providing information to cancer patients which can be easily understood and practical. He also founded 4th Angel, an organization aimed at providing personal mentorship to those facing a fresh diagnosis of cancer.

Shannon Miller: Olympic Hero and Cancer Survivor

Shannon Miller is a wife, mother, survivor, speaker and… Oh YES, is the most decorated gymnast, male or female, in US history. She is the only woman in any sport to be inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame, twice. In this interview Miss Shannon talks about how her cancer story was affected by her celebrity, her pre-exhisting mission to empower women as they make their health their priority, and her resulting survivorship story. The positive, gentle and refreshing personality that radiated from her throughout her Olympic performances will engage you! As always Miss Shannon preservers as she continues to deliver her message of empowerment to women as she extends this pearl of wisdom, “It is not selfish to want to be healthy!”

If you enjoy this interview, the video version will be coming soon on our YouTube channel, The Cancer Survivor Show!

Transparency: Finding Strength through Vulnerability

So often we feel like we have to hold it all in and be strong for others but this just isn’t true. It is hard enough to deal with the emotional roller coaster of cancer but when you add in the fears and worries about what others will think it can make things unbearable. In todays podcast Lucy and Sharon discuss the benefits of being transparent. Being real with others is very freeing and can help to build the support system you are seeking.