Monthly Archives: January 2014

How Spirituality can Affect Your Cancer Story

Spirituality can be a loaded topic, especially when a person is facing a cancer diagnosis. In this podcast Sharon and her husband Tracy delicately explore this difficult topic. For some people, spirituality means a relationship with God, for others it means something else. Some live for it and others dismiss it. No matter your position on all that is spiritual and God related, research has found that having a healthy spiritual life can have its benefits in a cancer story. So whether you believe in God or not not, live each day for Him or you are angry as a hornet at Him for your situation, this podcast will address your position.

Gifts for Cancer Patients

If someone in your life has ever been diagnosed with cancer, most likely you have wondered, “What kind of gift will really help?” Sit down and listen as the girls discuss the many ways to gift a cancer patient. Tangible gifts, encouraging gestures and acts of service are all expanded upon as Lucy & Sharon offer helpful wisdom from their journeys. Hopefully after this podcast you will feel truly prepared to help. Enjoy!

Guided Imagery

Believe it or not, guided imagery can be a powerful tool to those walking into and through a cancer story. In this podcast Lucy & Sharon explore the amazing benefits of these guided mental scenarios. If a cancer diagnosis has disrupted your peace, please take a moment to listen. Together with the Chemo Girls explore how you can reduce anxiety, boost creativity, add quality of life and so much more! Enjoy!

Monica Bryant: Healthcare Reform

In our second interview with Monica Bryant she offers up her positive perspective on healthcare reform. She responds to research that indicates the general public feels they do not understand the changes healthcare reform will bring, much less how these changes will impact their lives. With her simple and concise style of communication Miss Monica covers topics like how changes will benefit the cancer community, young adult cancer survivors, those with pre-existing conditions, low income America, and how coverage has been categorized and standardized. She encourages us to seek out impartial information on the topic. Thank you, Miss Monica for another great interview!

Monica Bryant: Triage Cancer

What is Triage Cancer? It is a wonderful organization which was created by Monica Fawzy Bryant and her sister, Joanna L. Fawzy Morales, both cancer rights attorneys. Their mission is to help survivors find optimal quality of life as they walk in and through their cancer story. She left us with this pearl of wisdom: “Stop & take a breath. Compile all of the information you need, then act.” For instance, do you want to walk into your job right away and tell your boss that you have cancer? Maybe so, and maybe no. Triage Cancer is a non-profit organization that provides education and resources on the entire continuum of survivorship issues for survivors, caregivers, and healthcare providers because cancer touches the entire community. They provide information and steer people to the most appropriate resources, so in the beginning….Triage first!

Next week, stay tuned for an interesting interview with Miss Monica on healthcare reform!