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Bruce Countryman: Story of a Caregiver

Bruce Countryman offers us rare insight into male emotions and thought processes as he openly and eloquently shares his story. He and his wife, Ellen, walked into her diagnosis with breast cancer and through difficult treatment, together. In his transparency, Mr. Bruce offers insight into how he felt and what he thought as he processed their experience. Raw and vulnerable at times, Mr. Bruce talks about loss he had to work through. Make no mistake about it, a cancer diagnosis makes a powerful and lasting impact on the caregiver. They have their own set of fears, frustrations and pain. Validation can be found here, as Mr. Bruce shares his story of hope and faith.

In Memory of Brandon Davis

We will forever be grateful to Brandon Davis and Pine Row Productions for helping us get started. While editing one day I came across this clip and was reminded of the generosity of my friend and how encouraging he was while we were recording our first five podcast. We miss you Brandon XOXOX! The Chemo Girls

Interview: Susan Gonzalez & Florence Strang, authors of 100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It

Miss Susan and Miss Florence are cancer survivors as well as successful professionals and bloggers in their own right. After following and commenting on each others blogs, they decided to collaborate on a fantastic book. These ladies respective experience and perspectives meld into a book that helps those who have received a cancer diagnosis strive for a healthy and balanced mind and body. One of the many pearls of wisdom they shared was this question, are you making changes out of love (for your body) or out of fear?

What NOT to Say to Someone Recently Diagnosed with Cancer (& Their Family)….And What TO Say Instead!

What the HECK do we say? It is hard because we want to say or do something that will make it better somehow. Lucy & Sharon want to take that heavy burden from your heart! Your friend does not expect you to arrive like some sort of oracle with wisdom or information to soothe them. They are not looking for you to make this better at all! They do need some time to process what is happening in their life and they need you to be present while they do that. So, you are going to visit to show your love and support…wonderful! Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, put your feelings on the back burner, and tune your ears to “listen.” Now, how to manage that anxious mouth so you do not end up with foot-in-mouth disease? Sit back and listen as Sharon & Lucy help you address that very issue.

Molly MacDonald: My Cancer to Survivorship Story -The Pink Fund

Miss Molly lived as only the top 1.5 percent of Americans do, with couture clothes, jewels, a 6,000 square foot luxury home and all of the trimmings. So how was it that she found herself homeless, standing in a food line and fighting cancer all at once? This gutsy mother of 5 identifies with so many women, at every point of the financial spectrum, who are struggling through a cancer diagnosis. She understands making tough choices like: do I pay the house payment or the Cobra insurance payment, do I proceed with treatment or make the most of this new fantastic job, do I buy gas or milk with the last couple of dollars in my purse? As she searched out resources to help her and her new husband weather the financial storm through and following her treatment, she realized that none were available. As a result, her quest to get help became her quest to give help.