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Interview with Karen Shayne and Judy Pearson: Founders of the National Women’s Survivors Convention

These fun ladies really believe that as survivors we owe a little payback to humanity. They are doing just that in a BIG way as they help so many women survivors cope. As founders of “The Plum” online magazine, The National Women’s Survivors Convention and The Women’s Survivor Alliance, Miss Judy and Miss Karen work tirelessly to offer hope, joy and solidarity to fellow cancer survivors across the globe. They use their “second acts” to reach out to others who need to find answers as well as comradery.

Karen Shayne: My Cancer Story

When we hear “Hey Ya’ll” Lucy and Sharon can only think of one sister….Miss Karen. Take a seat and listen to her unique story which began with a decision (in high school) to move in with and take care of her grandmother who was battling breast cancer. Following that decision, when Karen was only 20, she was diagnosed with and began treatment for ovarian cancer. These two events propelled her into a 20 year career as a healthcare administrator with a well rounded perspective as caregiver, patient, survivor and bean counter. Her survivorship has been rich and varied and now includes her desire to establish a network of women effected by cancer where they can find their voice, improve their quality of life and embrace their new normal. She works to transform survivorship from a mood, to a movement. The result is the National Women’s Survivor Convention. Pull up a seat and listen to this remarkable, positive, powerhouse of a woman.

Judy Pearson: My Cancer Story

Miss Judy shares her cancer story and the strong survivorship story she is creating in its wake. Her radiant and positive nature carried her through this process and pulls us into this interview. She is not only co-founder of The National Women’s Survivor Convention, but also an acclaimed writer. Her writing career began as a child in an old Maple tree in her parent’s back yard and has span her lifetime. This Michigan native will inspire you as she offers little tricks to interject hope into your journey. Don’t worry, we will have more from Miss Judy soon!

Interview: Emily Eargle of the Live Strong Fertile Hope Initiative on Chemo & Fertility

Some young cancer patients learn that chemotherapy can have a strong impact on fertility before they begin chemotherapy, some learn during and sadly some do not discover this until their treatment is complete. Fertility is not just one more thing cancer seeks to rob from us, but this particular blow can feel unexpected, and can take the wind out of a patient’s sails. The Livestrong Foundation’s Fertile Hope Initiative offers support, information and access to programs in an effort to empower the patient where ever they are in the treatment process. Miss Emily Eargle helps us tackle this tough subject as she highlights the programs the Fertile Hope Initiative developed in response to the challenges faced by these patients. They work to restore the hope for a future family after chemotherapy. Come listen for a breath of fresh air as well as some well needed hope.