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What to Expect the First day of Chemo, Part 1

What a burning question! Whether you are destined to soon begin chemotherapy, or someone you know is beginning, this topic most likely weighs heavily on your mind. In this podcast we have the honor of interviewing Shannon Caauwe, RN, BSN, OCN, the Nurse Manager of the Southeast Georgia Health Systems’ Cancer Care Unit in Brunswick, Georgia. Miss Shannon answers questions that our Facebook friends submitted on the topic “What to Expect on the First Day of Chemo”. This is a two-part interview. In this portion of the interview Shannon describes in great detail what her patients experience from the time they are called back to begin their session until all of the pre-meds have been administered. Please come back for the Part 2 of this interview so she can talk us through what it’s like to actually receive the chemotherapy and make our way back home following treatment. Thank you Miss Shannon for sharing with us your sweet gentle nature and a treasure trove of experience!! We look forward to posting Part 2 of this podcast.

Not Just Surviving but Thriving

Every moment that is a surviving moment, can me amped up to a THRIVING moment! This sounds like such a stretch, but it doesn’t have to be. The Chemo Girls are all about persuing the “thrive” in life and we would love for that to become infectious. I mean you are still here so why not make the most of this moment? If thriving sounds good to you, too, then listen to this podcast and implement some of our suggestions. Seriously, we don’t go through chemo for nothin! Let’s make it count!! And . . . This does not just go for the chemo survivors, but everyone around them as well.

We are not just surviving, but THRIVNG with you! XOXOX

The Chemo Girls