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What IS a chemo cocktail?

In this podcast, Lucy & Sharon, answer the question “What IS a chemo cocktail?” Is it an adult beverage? Should we wait until 5 o’clock to partake of this type of cocktail? It just sounds sort of funny, doesn’t it? The girls discuss this twisted concoction from the perspective of the patient who can remember hearing this quizzical expression for the first time. If the chemo cocktail has entered your life and you want real life information about what this might mean for you, take a seat and listen. The Chemo Girls will break this down for you while interjecting stories from their person experience…. and a little humor. Cheers to a long, messy and colorful life!


The topic of journaling may seem like a dud, but do not be fooled! The act of journaling can offer you a confidant who will not over-react, freak out, or judge you. What goes on the page stays on the page and that dynamic will allow you to share in a completely open and honest way. The journal can help you work through emotions, sort out relationships and purge counter-productive thoughts. It also offers a way of communicating with your healthcare providers more clearly. Really, the journal ROCKS! Listen to this podcast to expand on these ideas and learn much more about the benefits waiting for you as you journal.