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When we took long road trips as children, our parents offered us diversions to help the time pass more quickly. They would engage us in everything from collecting the states on license plates, to playing with coloring books to reading. Really, we were happier, which made the trip much easier for the parents as well. Genius! In this podcast, Lucy and Sharon discuss how diverting your mind will help reduce the anxiety that can be involved with a chemotherapy session. This little strategy will also make the time roll by more quickly, too. Listen to this podcast and get a handle on diversionary ideas for the upcoming chemotherapy sessions, whether they are your sessions or the sessions of someone you love.

Chemo Coordinator

Gosh, “Chemo Coordinator”…that sounds so intense! Do you need a degree for that? Not at all. This show will help the Newbie come to understand how helpful having a CC can be as he/she tries to manage life on chemo. And for those who want to help a Newbie on a more day-to-day basis, this show may just teach you how to do that. No worries guys, this CC will be born of a current strong relationship in your life, and as the collaboration forms between the Newbie and the CC, an already important relationship will be given an opportunity to expand and strengthen. It’s a win-win!