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Intro to The Cancer Survivor Show

In this flagship podcast, Lucy and Sharon, aka The Chemo Girls, tell their cancer stories and talk about their mission. These warm everyday southern women are a lifeline for those whose lives are being rocked by a cancer diagnosis. Whether you are a “newbie” (newly diagnosed survivor), a survivor on the other side of treatment mentoring your own Newbie, or someone in a Newbie’s life who is looking on, the Chemo Girls are here to help you through this unexpected twist.

The Cancer Survivor Show by The Chemo Girls

Tune in to their weekly podcast show as Sharon and Lucy, aka The Chemo Girls, share their stories, provide insights into cancer treatment, and extend a life-line to those affected by a fresh cancer diagnosis. The Cancer Survivor Show’s format will allow it’s listeners to suggest topics, ask questions, and comment on upcoming shows. Whether you are the cancer patient or a loved one who shares in a treatment journey, you will find empowerment and strength through their shows as The Chemo Girls speak of relevant topics and interview health care providers, other cancer survivors, caregivers, etc. Who knows, maybe The Chemo Girls can build a show just for you. They are not just surviving, but THRIVING with you!