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Shannon Miller: Olympic Hero and Cancer Survivor

Shannon Miller is a wife, mother, survivor, speaker and… Oh YES, is the most decorated gymnast, male or female, in US history. She is the only woman in any sport to be inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame, twice. In this interview Miss Shannon talks about how her cancer story was affected by her celebrity, her pre-exhisting mission to empower women as they make their health their priority, and her resulting survivorship story. The positive, gentle and refreshing personality that radiated from her throughout her Olympic performances will engage you! As always Miss Shannon preservers as she continues to deliver her message of empowerment to women as she extends this pearl of wisdom, “It is not selfish to want to be healthy!”

If you enjoy this interview, the video version will be coming soon on our YouTube channel, The Cancer Survivor Show!

How Spirituality can Affect Your Cancer Story

Spirituality can be a loaded topic, especially when a person is facing a cancer diagnosis. In this podcast Sharon and her husband Tracy delicately explore this difficult topic. For some people, spirituality means a relationship with God, for others it means something else. Some live for it and others dismiss it. No matter your position on all that is spiritual and God related, research has found that having a healthy spiritual life can have its benefits in a cancer story. So whether you believe in God or not not, live each day for Him or you are angry as a hornet at Him for your situation, this podcast will address your position.

Bruce Countryman: Story of a Caregiver

Bruce Countryman offers us rare insight into male emotions and thought processes as he openly and eloquently shares his story. He and his wife, Ellen, walked into her diagnosis with breast cancer and through difficult treatment, together. In his transparency, Mr. Bruce offers insight into how he felt and what he thought as he processed their experience. Raw and vulnerable at times, Mr. Bruce talks about loss he had to work through. Make no mistake about it, a cancer diagnosis makes a powerful and lasting impact on the caregiver. They have their own set of fears, frustrations and pain. Validation can be found here, as Mr. Bruce shares his story of hope and faith.

Molly MacDonald: My Cancer to Survivorship Story -The Pink Fund

Miss Molly lived as only the top 1.5 percent of Americans do, with couture clothes, jewels, a 6,000 square foot luxury home and all of the trimmings. So how was it that she found herself homeless, standing in a food line and fighting cancer all at once? This gutsy mother of 5 identifies with so many women, at every point of the financial spectrum, who are struggling through a cancer diagnosis. She understands making tough choices like: do I pay the house payment or the Cobra insurance payment, do I proceed with treatment or make the most of this new fantastic job, do I buy gas or milk with the last couple of dollars in my purse? As she searched out resources to help her and her new husband weather the financial storm through and following her treatment, she realized that none were available. As a result, her quest to get help became her quest to give help.

Karen Shayne: My Cancer Story

When we hear “Hey Ya’ll” Lucy and Sharon can only think of one sister….Miss Karen. Take a seat and listen to her unique story which began with a decision (in high school) to move in with and take care of her grandmother who was battling breast cancer. Following that decision, when Karen was only 20, she was diagnosed with and began treatment for ovarian cancer. These two events propelled her into a 20 year career as a healthcare administrator with a well rounded perspective as caregiver, patient, survivor and bean counter. Her survivorship has been rich and varied and now includes her desire to establish a network of women effected by cancer where they can find their voice, improve their quality of life and embrace their new normal. She works to transform survivorship from a mood, to a movement. The result is the National Women’s Survivor Convention. Pull up a seat and listen to this remarkable, positive, powerhouse of a woman.

Judy Pearson: My Cancer Story

Miss Judy shares her cancer story and the strong survivorship story she is creating in its wake. Her radiant and positive nature carried her through this process and pulls us into this interview. She is not only co-founder of The National Women’s Survivor Convention, but also an acclaimed writer. Her writing career began as a child in an old Maple tree in her parent’s back yard and has span her lifetime. This Michigan native will inspire you as she offers little tricks to interject hope into your journey. Don’t worry, we will have more from Miss Judy soon!

My Cancer Story: Toni Nicholson

“I am dancing over impossibilities” was just one of the many pearls of wisdom Miss Toni offers in this interview. Her cancer story includes a duel perspective as caregiver to her soul mate husband for two years, then as a Stage 4 cancer survivor. Miss Toni is not only the author of the book “Dancing With Destiny”, but is also a part of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation speakers bureau. Considering herself a “soul survivor” Miss Toni said “I don’t know how long I will live but I do have a choice HOW to live.” She advocates feeding yourself positive things by surrounding yourself with nature, water, movement and positive people. Come join us for this warming and spirit lifting interview.