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Winston & Tracy: Caregiver Stories

In this real and heartwarming interview our husbands tell their side of the story. They share how they first reacted to our diagnosis, what they struggled with the most through our treatment, how the experience impacted our relationships long-term, and what kind of support they needed through the process. Then our men share important advice for spouses who are hearing the news for the first time and are trying to summon the strength to support their beloved. We love you guys…our cup runneth over!

Humor & Cancer: (Re-post) In Honor of Robin Williams

“Comedy cuts across a lot of barriers, I mean…is there stand up tragedy?” This is a quote by Mr. Robin Williams from a 2013 interview with Pat Harvey in which he spoke frankly about his blessings as well as his demons. Lucy & Sharon have been deeply saddened by the death of the beloved Robin Williams, as so many have. If ever there was a human being that understood the power of humor in difficult times, it was Mr. Williams. He possessed an ability to “see” us, then reach out through his work to touch us right in the center of our humanity! Because we respect his humor as well as his kind and gentle heart, we dedicate this interview with cancer survivor and comedian Brenda Elsagher to Robin Williams and his family. We pray you rest in peace, brother.

Raquel Corey: “Being There” & Suffering

In this interview, I (Sharon) interview my dear friend Raquel Corey. Being kind, encouraging and affirming has always been part of Miss Raquel’s fundamental makeup. This natural talent for making those around her feel important and supported was a perfect fit as early adulthood lead her into the roles of wife to a music minister, mother and youth mentor. Years into the evolution of their lovely family tragedy hit hard, twice. As those around her reacted and she grieved, greater wisdom came to her. Now through the teachings of her mother, her own natural leanings and life experience, Raquel helps us understand how to help others in their time of need. I believe we can all find something helpful in her message & I hope that proves true for you. Thanks Rock!

Joanna Montgomery: Pregnancy, Diagnosis & Treatment

Miss Montgomery is a dynamo of a woman. She is not only professionally accomplished, but she is an extremely interesting person. Among her many accomplishments, Miss Joanna is a well-known blogger on’s blog, “The Stir” and a board member for The National Women’s Survivors Convention. Miss Katie Couric and the Huffington Post have interviewed her because of the amazing circumstances of her daughter’s gestation and arrival into her family. This strong woman endured an extremely difficult diagnosis and treatment story with grace and gratitude.

Matthew Zachary & Geralyn Lucas: and the Young Survivor Perspective

Miss Geralyn Lucas is the author of the book “Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy” and was portrayed in the Lifetime movie of the same name. Mr. Matthew Zachary is the founder of (which is the largest patient advocate for millennials). These fun, articulate New Yorkers are amazing and relevant resource for those who were diagnosed as a young adult. They share portions of their cancer experiences, including fears, silly stories, the lack of information they both faced as well as the hard times. Miss Geralyn states “I want women to devote as much time and energy (to taking care of their health) as they do buying shoes and Brazilian bikini waxes.” “Chemo is an opportunity to have a party!” While Mr. Zachary encourages us to try to “Be authentic,” and “Remember to stay connected to things that have meaning in your life…remember that you have the right to survive with dignity and quality.”

Lisa Hiers: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

This fantastic lady shares her very recent experience with chemotherapy and hair loss. Just after her second treatment, Miss Lisa Hiers offers us this open and honest look at her personal journey as it relates to the impact chemotherapy had on her scalp and her heart. Come and listen as she shares her unique perspective, understanding that each story will be completely different. All of us react differently and there is no right way to handle this challenge, except for the way that works for you. It seems that Miss Lisa has worked that out for herself. Blessings to you Lisa as you continue to walk through your cancer story and thank you for allowing us to be a small part of it!

Miss Carole & Miss Jane: Supporting a Friend Through Her Cancer Diagnosis from Afar

This is the story of a friendship forged through two hurricanes and now a cancer diagnosis. Hearing Miss Carole talk about their friendship has been a blessing to our hearts. Her dear friend, Miss Jane loved and supported her through two displacing hurricanes, and now Jane is walking through her own sort of storm. While she walks into and through her cancer story, miles away from Miss Carole, Carole’s heart aches. Come listen to how they have learned to support each other in these life altering circumstances. We pray healing and peace for Miss Jane, and peace for Miss Carole’s heart as well as she supports her from afar!

Brenda Elsagher: A Surviving Comedian on Her Experience with Colon Cancer

Miss Brenda is an award winning speaker who combines her love for comedy, ability to discuss taboo subjects and experience with colon cancer. She shares her cancer story and how she learned to interject humor through the tough times. If you take a moment to listen to Miss Brenda’s story you will learn how her second act brought a more adventurous spirit to her work and how doors continue to open for her. She leaves us with this pearl of wisdom…when life hands you crap, put on your prettiest dress and get out of the house, things will get better! And as an added bonus this podcast also holds the story of one of the most wise and insightful gifts of which this little chemo girl has heard!

Alli Murray: Walking Through Her Mother’s Cancer Story as an 11 Year Old Girl

Sharon’s dear friend Allie Murray offers up her memory of what she felt as an 11 year old girl who learned that her mother had cancer, as an 12 year old girl who walked through the loss of her mother and now as a twenty something woman who has priceless adult perspective about the whole journey. She speaks to the parent who has been diagnosed, the parent who was not the one diagnosed, the child walking into their parent’s cancer story and everyone looking on hoping to help. The truth of her life speaks volumes as this chef positions herself as the Culinary Arts teacher at the local high school and as she comes alongside local kids who are facing their own parent’s diagnosis. Alli gives so many pearls of wisdom, it’s like a pearl necklace was broken and poured out for you guys!

Scott Hamilton: Olympic Hero & Cancer Survivor

Lucy and Sharon are so honored to have had the opportunity to interview one of the most decorated and well loved athletes of all times. During this interview, Scott Hamilton’s warm and passionate personality shines through. He spoke about frustrations he experienced before and during his treatment for testicular cancer in 2007 as Mr. Scott searched for helpful information about cancer treatment. These frustrations combined with his champion’s heart birthed projects that benefit those who are walking the same path after him. Mr. Scott is now a leader in providing information to cancer patients which can be easily understood and practical. He also founded 4th Angel, an organization aimed at providing personal mentorship to those facing a fresh diagnosis of cancer.