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Joanne Hampton

Miss Joanne is the director of PR & marketing for Breast Investigators. She works together with her bestie, Angela, to build this all-in-one place that offers information on everything from juicing recipes to inspirational survivor stories. They work to streamline the mass of information and resources, which are now available to those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and present it in a clear and empowering way. Thank you Miss Joanne for your insight, your work & your enthusiasm about dragon boat racing!


As they were ripping out carpets and floors, disassembling, sanding, cleaning, picking out tiles and grout and painting on their duplex, it occurred to Sharon that the process was a bit like going through treatment for cancer. During this podcast Sharon and her hubby Tracy talk about these similarities and how they require some of the same qualities: strength, trust, vision, faith, endurance and patience. Come listen to their experiences together!


As most of us know, sleep plays a vital role in maintaining our health and overall well-being. It is while we rest and sleep that our bodies and brain “repair” themselves from the physical and mental stresses that are placed upon them throughout the day. Most valued sources report that getting enough quality sleep can help promote mental health, physical health, and overall quality of life. But in this crazy, busy world that we live in how do we accomplish this?

In this podcast, Sharon and Lucy will discuss the importance of sleep, especially when our bodies are going through difficult times such as cancer treatment and its recovery. Listen in to learn ways in which a better night’s sleep can be achieved so that our bodies can repair and regroup!

Tabatha Coffey

Miss Tabatha Coffey is the no nonsense host of the hit Bravo show “Salon Takeover.” In this audio version of our video interview with her, Tabatha shows a gentler side, opening up about her experience as her mother’s caregiver while she fought her battle with cancer. Miss Tabatha demonstrates that caregivers have much to contribute to our cancer community. Her involvement with the “Glam Squad,” which provides makeovers, offers joy and restored confidence to survivors, is her way of contributing to women like her mother who are navigating the cancer world.

Little River Band: Wayne Nelson

This interview was just fun! Mr. Wayne Nelson of the Little River Band granted Sharon & Lucy their very first video interview last fall at the National Women’s Survivor Convention. So today I (Sharon) am “Reminiscing” about the way he treated each of us like a “Lady,” seeming to know by instinct that I really needed him to “Take it Easy on Me.” Mr. Wayne and the band played for a bunch of women who were hungry to thrive as they danced and sang the night away in PAJAMAS. These guys were such awesome sports, donating their time and talents to these very excited ladies. With titles like “Lady,” Take it Easy on Me,” “It’s a Long Way There” and “Cool Change” it would seem that the band spoke the language of a survivor through music. As with most of us, cancer touched their lives and they wanted to do something for survivors. Thank you Mr. Wayne for being light and gracious! Enjoy guys!

Fatigue & Cancer

Fatigue is one of the trinity of side effects (nausea, hair loss & fatigue) from cancer and it’s treatment that typically cause cancer patients the most grief. Sharon had no idea that fatigue would race past hair loss and nausea to cause the largest challenge throughout her cancer story. In this podcast Lucy and Sharon will delve into some of the causes of fatigue, give clues about when to call the doctor about your weakness and offer a list of suggestions to reduce and manage fatigue. Come listen and make some notes as fatigue has a way of sneaking in the back door and biting you in the backside!!

Gifts for Cancer Patients

If someone in your life has ever been diagnosed with cancer, most likely you have wondered, “What kind of gift will really help?” Sit down and listen as the girls discuss the many ways to gift a cancer patient. Tangible gifts, encouraging gestures and acts of service are all expanded upon as Lucy & Sharon offer helpful wisdom from their journeys. Hopefully after this podcast you will feel truly prepared to help. Enjoy!

Guided Imagery

Believe it or not, guided imagery can be a powerful tool to those walking into and through a cancer story. In this podcast Lucy & Sharon explore the amazing benefits of these guided mental scenarios. If a cancer diagnosis has disrupted your peace, please take a moment to listen. Together with the Chemo Girls explore how you can reduce anxiety, boost creativity, add quality of life and so much more! Enjoy!

In Memory of Brandon Davis

We will forever be grateful to Brandon Davis and Pine Row Productions for helping us get started. While editing one day I came across this clip and was reminded of the generosity of my friend and how encouraging he was while we were recording our first five podcast. We miss you Brandon XOXOX! The Chemo Girls


The topic of journaling may seem like a dud, but do not be fooled! The act of journaling can offer you a confidant who will not over-react, freak out, or judge you. What goes on the page stays on the page and that dynamic will allow you to share in a completely open and honest way. The journal can help you work through emotions, sort out relationships and purge counter-productive thoughts. It also offers a way of communicating with your healthcare providers more clearly. Really, the journal ROCKS! Listen to this podcast to expand on these ideas and learn much more about the benefits waiting for you as you journal.