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Skin Cancer & Summer Fun

When summer arrives it lures us out to play under the sun. We slough off our winter layers, and migrate out of doors to basque in the bright warm days. People come alive as they enjoy sporting events, beaches, pools, biking, gardening, picnics and convertibles. If this is wrong, I do not want to be right! But as much as we love that happy life-giving ball of fire in the sky, it can also burn us. It can burn us today as our skin turns red and flinches in pain with every touch. But long after the burn heals, we can be burned again with skin cancer. In this blog, Lucy and Sharon explore the topic of skin cancer, pre-cancerous cells (which is a reality for one of these ladies) and how to safely enjoy the summer season. We hope you will take a few minutes today to lather up in a SPF 30 sunscreen, pour yourself a cool drink, sit outside and listen to the girls talk through this important topic!

Tabatha Coffey

Miss Tabatha Coffey is the no nonsense host of the hit Bravo show “Salon Takeover.” In this audio version of our video interview with her, Tabatha shows a gentler side, opening up about her experience as her mother’s caregiver while she fought her battle with cancer. Miss Tabatha demonstrates that caregivers have much to contribute to our cancer community. Her involvement with the “Glam Squad,” which provides makeovers, offers joy and restored confidence to survivors, is her way of contributing to women like her mother who are navigating the cancer world.

Little River Band: Wayne Nelson

This interview was just fun! Mr. Wayne Nelson of the Little River Band granted Sharon & Lucy their very first video interview last fall at the National Women’s Survivor Convention. So today I (Sharon) am “Reminiscing” about the way he treated each of us like a “Lady,” seeming to know by instinct that I really needed him to “Take it Easy on Me.” Mr. Wayne and the band played for a bunch of women who were hungry to thrive as they danced and sang the night away in PAJAMAS. These guys were such awesome sports, donating their time and talents to these very excited ladies. With titles like “Lady,” Take it Easy on Me,” “It’s a Long Way There” and “Cool Change” it would seem that the band spoke the language of a survivor through music. As with most of us, cancer touched their lives and they wanted to do something for survivors. Thank you Mr. Wayne for being light and gracious! Enjoy guys!

Ports & Cancer

What the heck is a port and why do I need it? Will it hurt to access the port and how does it work? What if I am a “needle-phobe?” When a person learns that they will need to have a port placed into their body some questions arise. Not only that, but fear may creep in, too. No worries, we’ve got your back on this one. Come sit while Lucy and Sharon talk through the in’s and out’s of ports. They will answer the common questions as well as talk about Sharon’s love affair with her port.

Grief and Cancer

A cancer diagnosis brings with it losses that most of us might not fully expect. And of course loss brings grief! A few of the losses some of us experience could be the loss of our identity (because now we are the “cancer patient”), loss of our medical security, loss of financial security, loss of relationships or even the loss of the future we had envisioned for ourselves. Pull up a chair to hear Lucy and Sharon talk through the topic of grief as it relates to the cancer experience. They will share their personal experiences and make suggestions that will hopefully help you walk through your grief and loss.

Fatigue & Cancer

Fatigue is one of the trinity of side effects (nausea, hair loss & fatigue) from cancer and it’s treatment that typically cause cancer patients the most grief. Sharon had no idea that fatigue would race past hair loss and nausea to cause the largest challenge throughout her cancer story. In this podcast Lucy and Sharon will delve into some of the causes of fatigue, give clues about when to call the doctor about your weakness and offer a list of suggestions to reduce and manage fatigue. Come listen and make some notes as fatigue has a way of sneaking in the back door and biting you in the backside!!

Relationships & Cancer Treatment

Don’t people get crazy around weddings, funerals and births? Not only do those who you rely on to bring drama stay true to their colors, but sometimes those who you would never expect become upset and pull away or storm out of the door. Why is it that when we need some folks the most they have such a hard time stepping up and seeing us through the big stuff? The same can be said of our relationships as we walk into and through a cancer story. It can be downright shocking who shows up for us and who does not. Come listen as Lucy & Sharon encourage you to “extend them grace,” because in the end cancer can weed out superficial relationships while providing just the right environment for new strong relationships to flourish!

Joanna Montgomery: Pregnancy, Diagnosis & Treatment

Miss Montgomery is a dynamo of a woman. She is not only professionally accomplished, but she is an extremely interesting person. Among her many accomplishments, Miss Joanna is a well-known blogger on’s blog, “The Stir” and a board member for The National Women’s Survivors Convention. Miss Katie Couric and the Huffington Post have interviewed her because of the amazing circumstances of her daughter’s gestation and arrival into her family. This strong woman endured an extremely difficult diagnosis and treatment story with grace and gratitude.

Matthew Zachary & Geralyn Lucas: and the Young Survivor Perspective

Miss Geralyn Lucas is the author of the book “Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy” and was portrayed in the Lifetime movie of the same name. Mr. Matthew Zachary is the founder of (which is the largest patient advocate for millennials). These fun, articulate New Yorkers are amazing and relevant resource for those who were diagnosed as a young adult. They share portions of their cancer experiences, including fears, silly stories, the lack of information they both faced as well as the hard times. Miss Geralyn states “I want women to devote as much time and energy (to taking care of their health) as they do buying shoes and Brazilian bikini waxes.” “Chemo is an opportunity to have a party!” While Mr. Zachary encourages us to try to “Be authentic,” and “Remember to stay connected to things that have meaning in your life…remember that you have the right to survive with dignity and quality.”

Lisa Hiers: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

This fantastic lady shares her very recent experience with chemotherapy and hair loss. Just after her second treatment, Miss Lisa Hiers offers us this open and honest look at her personal journey as it relates to the impact chemotherapy had on her scalp and her heart. Come and listen as she shares her unique perspective, understanding that each story will be completely different. All of us react differently and there is no right way to handle this challenge, except for the way that works for you. It seems that Miss Lisa has worked that out for herself. Blessings to you Lisa as you continue to walk through your cancer story and thank you for allowing us to be a small part of it!